Your amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex have just been activated. Simmons WK Cerebral Cortex 15(10):1602-08

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Psychiatrist.wikia is an educational resource for residents and fellows training to become Board-certified psychiatrists.

This is a collaborative project of, brought to you by residents and fellows of UMDNJ-NJMS.

Mission and Purpose

With advent of Wikipedia and Pubmed, it has become much easier to find and access abundant amounts of information on psychiatry. However, as the sheer amount of knowledge has dramatically increased, and it is, arguably, as difficult to find information that is accurate, relevant, and complete in a timely manner.

This project is a modest attempt at creating a library of information that would be useful to residents and fellows in their training, as well to clinicians in their busy practices. If you are studying for the PRITE or the Psychiatry Board Examination, this wikia is for you. Please contribute articles, improve existing ones and leave comments on the blog. This wikia is a project of, which currently has similar content without the ads.

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